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Today's Society Regurgitated

3 April
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Welcome to Pixelimia, the comic which is simply society barfed back up into a beautiful MSPAINT content.

Humor can come from anything. If we cannot laugh at ourselves and at others, we risk life being too serious. How can life, indeed, be serious if we have only a limited time and do not know when we will leave this earth?

Making jokes about people who are different is completely different from actually hating someone for being different. Making a racist joke is not the same as making a racist comment. If you have no intended hate by saying something, it is not negative.

People are too senstive and get offended by things and we as a society should look at this and wonder why we take things so personally. Learn to laugh at the world, and also learn to learn from the world. Horrible situations always have a good side. We can learn and grow as individuals if we realize that death and other situations we do not wish to face actually need to be faced head on so we can find truths and gain knowledge.

Humor, in all of its forms, helps us to relax, get a little silly, and sometimes even deal with our problems. If you find anything at all offensive, I suggest you leave now and come back when you're an adult.

And on that note, I must say that any opinion expressed herein is not actually an opinion, but a statement. I do not condone violence, hatred, or judgement. These comics are simply here for humor purposes.

- kandikorn